TruChart DeviceConnect

DeviceConnect is CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions integrated software solution to capture electronic data generated by external devices and connect it with other electronic patient data. Beginning with scheduling information stored in a Practice Management System, TruChart DeviceConnect can automatically link a worklist to a device.

Exam results are securely transmitted to a TruChart inbox for electronic review. Following sign-off, the patient record is completed and stored electronically, eliminating the need for paper records.

TruChart DeviceConnect enables physicians to perform a study, while viewing data and images from various clinical devices. Report data, along with images, are electronically routed to TruChart DeviceConnect and are viewable from any computer, allowing physicians the freedom to view complete results immediately from any clinic or off-site location.

There is no longer the need to physically be in the same location as the chart or the instrument.

  • Ultrasound
  • Mammograms
  • DEXA Bone Density
  • MRIs
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • CBC Intruments
  • Urine Analysis Equipment
  • EKGs

DeviceConnect Saves Time and Reduces Errors

  • Integrates with existing Practice Management and select EHR Systems to obtain the patient demographic and scheduling data, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Industry standard DICOM connectivity allows worklists to be electronically transferred to the instrument, eliminating the need to enter patient information manually.
  • Allows physicians to view data and images from various clinical devices using any computer.
  • Automatically routes reports to a physician or staff member’s inbox for easy electronic review and sign-off.
  • Enables physicians to create a study with CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions QuickText while reviewing a report, as well as document future care or internal and patient correspondence.
  • Complies with the privacy and security guidelines required by HIPAA.

Information Sharing with TruChart DeviceConnect

An interface between a Practice Management System (PMS) and TruChart DeviceConnect provides a real-time feed of scheduling and demographic information into TruChart. Within TruChart DeviceConnect, physicians or technicians are able to view their worklist for the day. Patients are selected directly from the worklist, which populates electronic forms to provide the information needed to prepare the instrument. Data is automatically passed to the device through a DICOM connection, which eliminates the need to enter information manually.


DeviceConnect uses the latest security methods to ensure data integrity, and to help clinics stay compliant with government regulations. All transactions are 128-bit encrypted with two-factor authentication available for approved user logins.