TruChart LabConnect

CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions’ TruChart LabConnect is a comprehensive solution that creates a secure link between medical facilities and laboratories. Through its user-friendly interface, TruChart LabConnect delivers digital test requisitions with other vital clinical information over a secure connection to partner labs. In turn, test results are transmitted in real-time, giving care providers access to reports as soon as they are available.

TruChart LabConnect saves a substantial amount of time in workflow processes by adapting and integrating into existing Practice Management, EHR and Laboratory Systems using HL7.

LabConnect Saves Time and Reduces Cost

TruChart LabConnect gives physicians the ability to order tests and view complete laboratory results at any time from any computer with internet access. This dramatically improves accessibility to critical patient data wherever and whenever it is needed. By integrating directly with a facility’s information system, physicians and lab staff realize a significant time savings through real-time access to acknowledgements and status reporting, as well as a complete, retrievable audit trail of events.

Because LabConnect integrates seamlessly with existing Practice Management and EHR Systems, physicians and lab staff can streamline their processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.

  • Electronic test ordering speeds the requisition process and reduces the possibility of errors.
  • Real-time acknowledgements and status reporting eliminate lost reports and duplication of lab results.
  • Integration with existing systems allows quick access to schedule and patient information, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Customized electronic forms replicate your existing paper forms and significantly reduce implementation time.
  • Electronically returned lab results greatly reduce the time and expense of delivery by mail, fax, or courier.

LabConnect Security and Reliability

LabConnect uses the latest security methods to ensure data integrity, and to help medical facilities stay compliant with government regulations. All transactions are 128-bit encrypted with two-factor authentication for approved user log-ins. Username and password protection can be significantly enhanced with the optional CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions Secure Token, which generates a unique code every 60 seconds. This code, along with a username and password must be entered before access is granted.

CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solution’s Secure Gateway is a robust data center with advanced monitoring features and complete system redundancy supporting the LabConnect Requisition and Resulting Process. Medical facilities and labs are assured 24-hour secure access to all LabConnect features.

Other Features

Clinical Reference Indicators

  • Clinical Reference Indicators (CRI-s) allow care providers to track specific data points over time. CRI-s are able to auto-populate into an existing EHR. Those data points may then be graphed using a variety of graphing formats, personalizing the data.


  • The manifest feature of LabConnect is a labor saving tool that sorts lab results by status, order date, test type, etc. It can automatically print a report showing aged labs and complies with CLIA standards.


  • The LabConnect scanning feature imports digital copies of paper records into electronic patient charts which can then be attached to a specific encounter date for the selected patient. It easily accommodates batch scanning and eliminates the confusion of paper records attached to electronic records.


  • TruChart LabConnect provides physicians with a drawing metaphor they are familiar with. The drawing tool captures data in digital format to include on patient records.