TruChart LIFE

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Organizations now have ONE SOLUTION to provide cost-effective high quality care and services to their participants. Comprehensive, coordinated care is achieved through CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solution’s TruChart LIFE software systems, the latest technology to meet the demands of running a PACE program.

Leveraging our experience in the healthcare IT field, CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions teamed with NewCourtland Elder Services in Philadelphia to develop a customized solution to the challenges that face PACE programs.

Our clients had been looking for software to meet these needs for over five years, and could not find a product on the market that could do it all. Together our team was able to create an electronic product that unifies the various aspects of PACE programs.

ONE SOLUTION for Living Independently for Elders

  • TruChart LIFE is the one solution to cover end-to-end needs, from assessments, care plans, authorizations, scheduling, and transportation, to prescriptions, billing, and electronic health records

ONE SOLUTION for Sharing Information by an Interdisciplinary Team

  • Web-based care plan is easily accessible to multiple users in remote locations via secure, HIPAA-compliant connection
  • Electronic authorization process for ordering and approval of services
  • Customized portals for participant history for a quick overview
  • Electronic assessments and progress notes

ONE SOLUTION for Electronic Health Records

  • TruChart LIFE EHR clinical information system provides the core foundation for customized patient charting
  • LabConnect guides a patient’s lab test from initial requisition through final sign-off by the ordering physician
  • Management of current prescriptions and ability to create new prescriptions
  • Electronic industry standard forms and assessments

ONE SOLUTION for Managing Daily Operations

  • Patient focused scheduling
  • Seamless scheduling for visits, transportation, and staff
  • Participant demographics and membership ID cards

ONE SOLUTION for Adjudication and Claims Processing

  • Adjudication of claims
  • Classify and establish fee schedules for services provided
  • Encounter reporting to CMS and state agencies
  • Exports to external general ledger software

For more information on how CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions can help PACE Programs to provide better, more cost-effective care, contact us at or 800.430.2045.