TruChart PatientConnect

CareVention HealthCare’s TruChart PatientConnect is a secure web portal that streamlines and expedites information sharing between patients and their healthcare provider. The HIPAA-compliant system provides patients with the ability to view their chart and test results online.

Patients also have access to scheduling requests, appointment reminders, preregistration, prescription refills and even credit card payment of bills by using the TruChart PatientConnect link on their clinic’s website. PatientConnect works as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with other Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

PatientConnect Saves Time and Improves Communications

Because PatientConnect is externally hosted, no in-house technical expertise is required. Once PatientConnect is in place, both clinic staff and patients will appreciate how it saves time and streamlines communication.

  • Requires minimal clinic installation or technical support by the provider.
  • Optimizes staff workflow by eliminating repetitive tasks and balancing the workload throughout the day.
  • Provides flexible communication options for most tasks.
  • Integrates easily with existing and future Practice Management and EHR systems.
  • Is easy to use for both staff and patients.

Information Sharing with TruChart PatientConnect

PatientConnect reduces duplication of work and provides timely information sharing between physician, nurse, receptionist, and patient. Patients become better educated and more engaged in their health care management, reducing the need for “reminder” calls from busy clinic staff. Clinic staff spends less time managing information, and more time caring for patients.


Appointment Management

  • Appointment requests, changes, and cancellations are expedited. Patients can initiate appointment events even when the office is closed. Receptionists save time by responding online or returning calls when time permits.

Patient Pre-Registration

  • From a home computer or a clinic kiosk, the patient can complete and submit required forms and update contact, insurance, and medical information.

Prescription Refills

  • Online refill requests are easy for physicians to review and prescribe. Patient requests can be reviewed prior to direct patient contact.

Bill Payment

Patients can receive their bill and pay for services online with a credit card.

Patient Health Record

  • Through integration with the clinic’s EHR, PatientConnnect allows patients to review their medical record securely from their home computer. This enables patients to manage their health information, such as instructions from recent clinic visits or due dates for preventative care activities.

Lab and Test Results

  • Through close integration with TruChart LabConnect, timely online results are available directly to the patient, saving time and effort. The clinic efficiently communicates results, reducing repetitive staff processes.