TruChart MLTC

TruChart MLTC is CareVention HealthCare’s web based software solution to meet the needs of Managed Long-Term Care programs.

Web Access for:

  • Member Enrollment
  • Maximus 834 enrollment transactions
  • Demographics Management
  • Import of Uniform Assessment System data from NYSDOH
  • Care Plans
  • Medication List
  • Service Authorizations
  • Scheduling, with calendars for Staff and Members
  • Transportation requests
  • Claims Processing and Adjudication of capitation covered services
  • Vendor and Contract Management
  • Medicaid Fee Schedules loaded
  • Interface to General Ledger
  • Medicaid Encounter Data System III (MEDS III)
  • Reporting to New York State Department of Health for MEDS III
  • Upcoming capabilities for APD, MMCOR, and PNDS reporting
  • Cloud model deployment