Training Certificate
“Mediture University” is our program for teaching users how to effectively use our software to support their work processes.  We work with our clients to develop a plan that meets their needs, such as training by Location (one PACE center) or by User Community (group of Social Workers).

We identify session times and communicate clearly who should attend in order to maximize attendance. Our on-site sessions consist of a See One/Do One/Teach One approach.

The leader facilitates a PowerPoint demonstration of how to do a process in TruChart; then there is a hands-on session where users duplicate what they have learned.

Additional Mediture staff roam the room to look over shoulders and ensure fluency.  A workbook is provided, with tasks for the user to practice on their own to reinforce what they have learned.

A quiz is provided to ensure that users not only attended the training, but have learned basic requirements for competency.

Users who need follow-up training are identified, and are offered additional web based training.

We identify and train Super Users with a train-the-trainer approach, to have staff on-site that can answer basic user questions about working in TruChart and field questions before they are escalated to require Help Desk support.